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flashcode FlashCode,
    initiator of project
jeanseb Jean-Sébastien Valette,
    kernelmode driver
benoit Benoît Papillault,
    usermode & BSD driver
kolja Kolja,
    driver for GS7470 chipsets
low Laurent Wandrebeck,
crevetor Antoine Reversat (Crevetor),
Before asking for help,
please read carefully documentation and FAQ.

Don't panic, we're here to help you !

-  Support via IRC

For any problem (or for thanking us  ), you can discuss with development team on IRC :
       server :       channel :  #ECI
You can ask them for support : FlashCode, jeanseb, benoit, kolja, crevetor, low, [Pink], [Odin].
Important: EciAdsl developers will NEVER ask you for your connection password, do not give it under any pretext!

-  EciAdsl Mailing list

With this mailing list, you can receive the latest news about EciAdsl development, and you can join all developers and users.
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