How can I do if my modem is not in the list?

You can try EciAdsl if your modem is not in supported list (neither unsupported list), only if you have Globespan chipset.

Download and install EciAdsl, then run script

Note VID/PID found, and search them in our supported modem list (VID1/PID1):
- if you see a modem with same VID1/PID1, then note appropriate VID2/PID2 and chipset (GS7070 or GS7470).
- if you don't see your VID/PID in our list, then try both settings :
    chipset=GS7070, VID1=VID, PID1=PID, VID2=0915, PID2=PID+1
    chipset=GS7470, VID1=VID, PID1=PID, VID2=VID, PID2=PID

After setup, try all possible synch .bin files (according to your chipset) if you have synch or connection problems.

If you manage to connect with your modem, please let us know, we'll add it to the supported modems list.

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