Driver Linux pour modem ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
et modems avec puce Globespan

EciAdsl: Version BSD du driver

Posté par FlashCode, 18/10/2005 15:51
EciAdsl est désormais disponible, dans une version de test, pour BSD.
Tous les retours sur cette version de test sont les bienvenus, contacter "kolja" ou "FlashCode" (voir la page support).

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Re: BSD version of driver
Posté par zeus, 06/02/2006 15:46
I search for a long time. I 'm interesting in FreeBSD. Most issues were solved except USB ADSL (globespan chipset). If it's possible, I'd like to join your team and develope. I will kill the driver problem by hand!
Re: BSD version of driver
Posté par Ov3rM1nd, 03/03/2006 11:17
Hi, i´ve been trying to use the driver on OpenBSD. On Linux it works very well, but on OpenBSD i can´t get connected. It synchs ok, but when i try to connect with ppp -background pppoe it doesnt connect. OpenBSD have the tap device implemented in the tun driver, so the tap interface is actually a tun interface with link0 flag. I dont know if this is the problem, but sure i would like to make it work!
Re: BSD version of driver
Posté par some internet person, 07/12/2008 04:31
Has this driver passed test status? Is it stable now?