Driver Linux pour modem ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
et modems avec puce Globespan

EciAdsl: Version 0.11 disponible

Posté par FlashCode, 24/09/2005 11:55
La version 0.11 du driver est disponible.

Parmi les nouveautés :
- EciAdsl Nortek driver fusionné avec la version standard,
- la synchro retente automatiquement en cas d'échec,
- nouvelle gestion du process pppoeci (eoc's handling),
- déconnexion propre pour pppoeci,
- nouveau programme eciadsl-ctrlui (interface utilisateur), pour le moment permet seulement d'arrêter la connexion,
- ajout du script eciadsl-testconnection,
- corrections de bugs.

A noter: cette version nécessite toujours de patcher tout noyau 2.6 entre les versions 2.6.0 et 2.6.6.

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Re: Version 0.11 disponible
Posté par soulrebel, 06/10/2005 19:39
deb for amd64 here
Re: Version 0.11 disponible
Posté par FlashCode, 13/10/2005 12:15
Thanks for package, now available on download page.
Eciadsl 0.11 for Mandriva/Red Hat
Posté par Mandrake user, 15/10/2005 14:02
When will the rpm for Mandriva/Red Hat be available for download? Thanks
Re: Version 0.11 available
Posté par devnull, 28/10/2005 13:49
i've slackware 10.1 and eciadsl 0.11 with 2.4.26 kernel..but sometimes ppp vendor crash and ppp0 interface go down..i don't know why..while whit old version it works fine..can it is a bug?
Re: Version 0.11 available
Posté par jonny, 30/11/2005 12:51
I have Slack 10.2 with 2.4.31 kernel
I installed eciadsl 0.11 but that no working correctly,
at begin i can use internet (about 15/30 minutes) the prob is when i must download big files:
ppp0 interface "disappar"(route show only lo) also if pppd and eciadsl-pppoeci apparently seems up.
My connection is down

However when i start connection, at the step 5 of eciadsl-start script, i can read "SIOCADDRT: File exists" maybe problem is that

Re: Version 0.11 disponible
Posté par Trionice, 08/03/2006 19:57
Hi,i've noticed very much of progress in the implementation of the driver - however I think there is much to be improved for making it more aware of the spawning of system resources since USB mices have big problems if used with USB modems controlled with this driver.
Re: Version 0.11 available
Posté par francois, 19/10/2006 07:38
I have installed a fresh Mandriva 2007 on an athlon64. ECIADSL does not want to be installed, because it requires TCL. TCL64 is loaded, but tcl is not available. Is it possible to have a package which depends on tcl64 ? (or a workaround ?)