Linux driver for ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
and Globespan based modems

EciAdsl: Version 0.11 available

Posted by FlashCode, 2005-09-24 11:55
Driver version 0.11 is available.

Among the news:
- EciAdsl Nortek driver merged within standard eciadsl release,
- synch process automatic retry on fail,
- new pppoeci process protocol handling (eoc's handling),
- pppoeci soft disconnection,
- new program eciadsl-ctrlui (base user interface) at this moment it handles only disconnection process,
- added eciadsl-testconnection script,
- many bug fixed.

Please note: this version still requires patch for any kernel between 2.6.0 and 2.6.6.

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Re: Version 0.11 available
Posted by francois, 2006-10-19 07:38
I have installed a fresh Mandriva 2007 on an athlon64. ECIADSL does not want to be installed, because it requires TCL. TCL64 is loaded, but tcl is not available. Is it possible to have a package which depends on tcl64 ? (or a workaround ?)


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