Linux driver for ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
and Globespan based modems

EciAdsl: Test call for version 0.11-beta1

Posted by FlashCode, 2005-07-20 13:15
EciAdsl driver goes on and now a 0.11-beta1 version is available for testing purpose.
We need help for testing this version, thank you for reporting us quickly any problem with this package, which may become soon version 0.11 !

Thank you for your help.

      -  Version 0.11-beta1
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Re: Test call for version 0.11-beta1
Posted by tbrain, 2005-08-26 10:44
On Arch Linux 0.7 first time launch 'eciadsl-start' it fails with:
[EciAdsl 4/5] Connecting to provider...

Couldn't get channel number: Input/output error
Script /usr/local/bin/eciadsl-pppoeci -vpi 8 -vci 35 -vendor 0x0915 -product 0x0002 -mode VCM_RFC2364 finished (pid 3922), status = 0xf4
Terminating on signal 2
Modem hangup
Connection terminated.
ERROR: failed to connect

At second invocation 'eciadsl.-start' connect without problems.


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