Linux driver for ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
and Globespan based modems

EciAdsl: New EciAdsl 0.9 RPM

Posted by FlashCode, 2004-06-12 13:16
RPM for v0.9 of EciAdsl driver has been replaced by new version, old one was broken due to dependency to "perl-base" (package that does not exist).

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Re: Nouveau RPM EciAdsl 0.9
Posted by licu, 2004-08-11 23:27
j ai ressi a le faire clignoté et sychroniser

mais qand il essaye de se connect ca marche il m affiche ce message :

speed 1 not supported
sh : line 1 kdebug : command not found
couldn't get channel number : input/output error
ioctl(PPPIOGFLAGGS): bad file descriptor
failed to connect

voila alors si qelq un a une solution qu il me reponde vite je devien dingue

a+++ et merci


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