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EciAdsl: New EciAdsl 0.9 RPM

Posted by FlashCode, 2004-06-12 13:16
RPM for v0.9 of EciAdsl driver has been replaced by new version, old one was broken due to dependency to "perl-base" (package that does not exist).

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Re: New EciAdsl 0.9 RPM
Posted by Caesura, 2004-08-03 12:04
Hi - can anyone here give me step-by -step instructions on how to install the Voyager 105 driver as mentioned above?
I'v done :

./configure --with-chipset=GS7470
make install

What do I do with the synch files in GS7470_SynchFiles?

I do not have /etc/eciadsl/eciadsl.conf nor /etc/ppp/peers/adsl files to modify for the 105.

Which modem do I select in the GUI tool - the Nortek 2021 does not appear in the list (I assume
this driver works for the 105?).

Thanks ins anticipation!


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