Linux driver for ECI HiFocus ADSL USB
and Globespan based modems

EciAdsl: New EciAdsl 0.9 RPM

Posted by FlashCode, 2004-06-12 13:16
RPM for v0.9 of EciAdsl driver has been replaced by new version, old one was broken due to dependency to "perl-base" (package that does not exist).

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prob synchro
Posted by peck, 2006-06-15 16:46
dc voila g installer la mandriva 2006 et g voulu installe mon modem b-focus eci et lor de l 'etape 2 il ne se synchronise pa si kelkun peu m aider merci

ps:g essayer plusieur fichier de synchro ss succes et c pour wanadoo dc si vs avai un bin ki traine merci


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