EciAdsl driver download

-  Synchronization

Synchro files (55 .bin for GS7070 chipset, 22 for GS7470): New!

Warning: you must try ALL .bin files according to your chipset (you have to shut down the modem between 2 attempts) before reporting one of these problems to developers:
- synch problem (eci-load2 / eciadsl-synch timeout)
- LCP timeout (when connecting to provider).

[ EciAdsl synchronization ]

Package bzip2   download eciadsl-synch_bin.tar.bz2 (714 Kb - 04/04/2008 14:31)

[ USB Sniffer, 16/08/2003 ]

Sniffer (binaries)   logo_win_small (136 Kb)
Sniffer (sources)   logo_win_small (84 Kb)
Eci win driver   download (3,74 Mb)
Installation instructions :
- unpack eciadsl-synch_bin.tar.bz2 package in /etc/eciadsl
- run eciadsl-config-tk or eciadsl-config-text and follow instructions.
Important: you must shut down your modem between 2 attempts.

You can make your own .bin with Windows and USB sniffer, look at doc page.
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