EciAdsl driver download

-  EciAdsl stable version 0.12, 2007-08-13

With this driver you can connect your computer to the Internet under Linux, using ECI HiFocus USB modem or Globespan based modem.
This program is distributed without any warranty: we're not responsible for bugs or data damage caused by this program.

[ EciAdsl stable 0.12, 13/08/2007 ]

Sources (gzip)   download eciadsl-usermode-0.12.tar.gz (330 Kb)
Sources (bzip2)   download eciadsl-usermode-0.12.tar.bz2 (285 Kb)
Mandriva   logo_mdk_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-usermode-0.12-0.1.102mdk.i586.rpm)
Fedora Core   logo_fedora_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-usermode-0.12-1.i386.rpm)
Debian lenny   logo_debian_small eciadsl-usermode_0.12-1_i386.deb (208 Kb)
Debian etch   logo_debian_small eciadsl-usermode_0.12-1_i386.deb (218 Kb)
Debian sid   logo_debian_small eciadsl-usermode_0.12-1_i386.deb (217 Kb)
Ubuntu   logo_ubuntu_small eciadsl-usermode_0.12-1_i386.deb (218 Kb)
Slackware   logo_slackware_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-usermode-0.12-i486.tgz)
Slax   logo_slax_small  * Not available * (
Damn Small Linux   logo_dsl_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-usermode-0.12.dsl)
Gentoo   logo_gentoo_small eciadsl-usermode-0.12.ebuild (1 Kb)
Crux Linux   logo_crux_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-0.12.tar.bz2)
Patch kernel 2.4.28 > .30   download 2.4.28-usb-devio.patch (4 Kb)
Patch kernel 2.6.x (<= 2.6.6)   download 2.6.x-usb.patch (1 Kb)
Patch packet size   download packet_size.patch (1 Kb)
EciAdsl and Linux kernels:
From To Status
0 2.4.17 KONOT recommended with EciAdsl
2.4.18 2.4.27 OKOK
2.4.28 2.4.30 OKyou have to patch it, see link above
2.4.31 OKOK
2.4.32 2.4.37.x ??unknown status (not tested)
2.6.0 2.6.6 OKyou have to patch it, read instructions about this patch
2.6.7 2.6.8 KONOT recommended with EciAdsl (unstable)
2.6.9 OKOK KONOT recommended with EciAdsl (uhci bug in kernel) OKOK ??unknown status (not tested)

Debian repository: add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list file:
     deb unstable main

Third-party contributions: click here

-  Synchronization

Synchro files (55 .bin for GS7070 chipset, 22 for GS7470): New!

Warning: you must try ALL .bin files according to your chipset (you have to shut down the modem between 2 attempts) before reporting one of these problems to developers:
- synch problem (eci-load2 / eciadsl-synch timeout)
- LCP timeout (when connecting to provider).

[ EciAdsl synchronization ]

Package bzip2   download eciadsl-synch_bin.tar.bz2 (714 Kb - 04/04/2008 14:31)

[ USB Sniffer, 16/08/2003 ]

Sniffer (binaries)   logo_win_small (136 Kb)
Sniffer (sources)   logo_win_small (84 Kb)
Eci win driver   download (3,74 Mb)
Installation instructions :
- unpack eciadsl-synch_bin.tar.bz2 package in /etc/eciadsl
- run eciadsl-config-tk or eciadsl-config-text and follow instructions.
Important: you must shut down your modem between 2 attempts.

You can make your own .bin with Windows and USB sniffer, look at doc page.

-  Development version

This is a development/test version, so it may be unstable or it may not compile.

[ EciAdsl usermode CVS ]

Sources (gzip)   download eciadsl-usermode-cvs.tar.gz (332 Kb - 23/04/2009 09:56)
Sources (bzip2)   download eciadsl-usermode-cvs.tar.bz2 (284 Kb - 23/04/2009 09:56)

[ EciAdsl kernelmode CVS ]

Sources (gzip)   download eciadsl-kernelmode-cvs.tar.gz (141 Kb - 07/05/2006 15:53)
Sources (bzip2)   download eciadsl-kernelmode-cvs.tar.bz2 (93 Kb - 07/05/2006 15:53)

[ EciAdsl Usermode BSD, 31/01/2006 ]

Sources (bzip2)   download eciadsl-usermode-bsd-0.11.beta3.tar.bz2 (216 Kb)
- kernelmode is not stable, it is not recommended to beginners

To download CVS sources: (when prompted for a password, just press Enter)
     cvs login
     for usermode: cvs -z3 co -P usermode
     for kernelmode: cvs -z3 co -P kernelmode

> CVS commits graph

-  Old versions

It is not recommended to download any old version, because they're less stable.
Download one of these only if you've got problems with latest version and that developers didn't manage to solve your problem!

[ EciAdsl v0.11, 24/09/2005 ]

Sources (gzip)   download eciadsl-usermode-0.11.tar.gz (315 Kb)
Sources (bzip2)   download eciadsl-usermode-0.11.tar.bz2 (263 Kb)
Mandriva/Redhat 9.0   logo_mdk_small eciadsl-usermode-0.11-0.1.102mdk.i586.rpm (216 Kb)
Fedora Core 4   logo_fedora_small eciadsl-usermode-0.11-1.i386.rpm (222 Kb)
Debian etch   logo_debian_small debian/etch/ (directory)
Debian sid i386   logo_debian_small eciadsl-usermode_0.11-1_i386.deb (202 Kb)
Debian sid AMD64   logo_debian_small eciadsl-usermode_0.11-1_amd64.deb (215 Kb)
Debian sid PPC   logo_debian_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-usermode_0.11-1_powerpc.deb)
Slackware   logo_slackware_small eciadsl-usermode-0.11-i486.tgz (214 Kb)
Slax   logo_slax_small (232 Kb)
Damn Small Linux   logo_dsl_small eciadsl-usermode-0.11.dsl (200 Kb)
Gentoo   logo_gentoo_small eciadsl-usermode-0.11.ebuild (1 Kb)
Crux Linux   logo_crux_small  * Not available * (eciadsl-0.11.tar.bz2)
Patch kernel 2.4.28 > .30   download 2.4.28-usb-devio.patch (4 Kb)
Patch kernel 2.6.x (<= 2.6.6)   download 2.6.x-usb.patch (1 Kb)
Patch packet size   download packet_size.patch (1 Kb)
Patch synch (>=2.6.18)   download synch.patch (2 Kb)
> Older versions
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